Lucy Suze Celebrant

July 4, 2022

What do celebrants do?

A lot of people don’t actually know what a celebrant does… THEY LEGALLY MARRY YOU…

But what else do they do?…

Let me break it down for you:

A Celebrant will do the following:

  • Face to face meetings and then spend hours on the right questions to send you. If they have a ceremony template, they are not asking you the right questions.
  • Go through all their notes and answers to write you a fun, sentimental and excellent wedding ceremony, that will leave you and your guests in a pool of love and celebration.
  • Professional delivery and warmth, humour and make your wedding guests cry, laugh and wish they could get married themselves.
  • All the legal jargin and paperwork taken care of.
  • Liase with all wedding vendors earlier on the day.
  • help with wedding photographer and placements on the day.
  • Use of their own PA for wedding ceremony and music.
  • Help with wedding vows, readings and all things ceremony related, to make it the celebration that you have dreamed of.

The things they don’t need to do, but will do:

Make sure you both have an essential glass of champagne after the ceremony, possibly during the signing, so they can make a toast at the end of the ceremony.

Make sure all the people who are involved in the ceremony walk-in, are there in place and know what they are doing.

Order and pay for a marriage certificate from Births, deaths and marriages (value $60).

Alleviate any nerves, stress from family.

Talk to your grandmother while she sits and waits.

Face to face meetings and rehearsal if you choose.

Unlimited contact, they will get to know you very well by the end.

They will bring 100% with the vibes and smiles and set the tone for the best celebration of your life.

Get in touch. Let’s get you married!!!!!

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bride and Groom toast after the wedding ceremony walking back down the wedding aisle, flowers and white wedding dress and black wedding tuxedo