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Lucy Suze Celebrant

A wordsmith and a lover of your stories; I am a Sydney based celebrant and MC creating happy vibes and cherished memories across Australia.

The Ultimate Guide to writing Wedding Vows

Many people freak out when it comes to writing wedding vows, worried about getting it ‘right’ and forget to connect with what they really want to say…

My advice is, always speak from the heart and be authentic.

Don’t say anything that you are not comfortable to say publicly, but also remember you will only do this once, with each other, so you don’t want to regret not saying the things you want to say.

Some things to think about might be:

There is only one rule with your vows, that the following legal wording must be said; 

as part of the Marriage Act 1961.

I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, [insert name], take you [insert name], to be my lawful* wedded* wife/husband/partner/spouse.

*you can leave out lawful or wedded, but not both.

Other than the above wording you can say anything you want!!!! 

Some examples might be; some couples choose to just say the legal wording and then they might say one or two lines to each other, that can either be the same or different, more personalised words.

Other couples choose to surprise each other on the day with their words, this is what I did at my own wedding.  We wrote different, personalised vows to each other and the celebrant brings them for you, on a card or whatever they use and you can read them to each other on the day.

It is important to speak slowly, take your time, breathe and look up on commas and full stops, that kind of thing.

Then other couples have said the same vows to each other, other couples have recited poetry. 

You get the idea, there is no right or wrong, speak from the heart. 

Here’s some tips in summary:

You can find non-traditional examples of vows on Documents & Designs and in Bride Magazine. Alternatively, I have my own vow examples that I allow my clients to see, so Book Me and you have access to these.

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