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A wordsmith and a lover of your stories; I am a Sydney based celebrant and MC creating happy vibes and cherished memories across Australia.

Our wedding story: Do it your way

In March 2022 my partner and I finally got married after 13 years. You may be thinking, but you are a celebrant why didn’t you get married sooner? Well, this is my wedding story…

I love to marry other people, it is the best thing to do, to be involved in the one day that is filled with so much love and joy, my cup was full and also, we wanted to wait until our children were a little bit bigger and could remember and enjoy the day.

The one thing I realised was, that everything I’d been saying to my couples over the years about THEIR big day was right!!! So here are a few of my tips.

Read on if you dare, this was our day…

1. Find the right partner

Our Queer friendly wedding was fabulous and we did all of it OUR way. The day went off without a hitch because we are relaxed, organised people. I mean, there were a couple of hiccups! Two days before the ceremony our celebrant got covid, the videographers got covid and our MC got covid, so besides this, it went off without a hitch!!! (throws head in hands! breathe)

2. Find the right venue

A destination wedding was our desire. We love the beach because it’s where we are most relaxed. We booked the first property we looked at. Seacliff House had all the elements for our destination wedding. A pool, it was near the beach, we could set it up the way we wanted, and we absolutely loved it. Most of my family were coming from Tasmania, so I had to showcase something fabulous to them, as Tassie is beautiful, the South Coast hits all the marks. Those who were there the night before were invited to pizza at a local venue, Gather on the Hill. Guests could meet and this way everyone was much more relaxed on the day of the wedding.

3. Find the right suppliers

Trust your gut on this, we wanted to support local vendors. They understood us and our brief, which was basically good food and good alcohol, pretty simple, right?! You also want them to bring the right ‘vibe’ on your wedding day. We absolutely loved all our suppliers. They heard us, could see that we were not mainstream, they listened. The guests were talking about the food for weeks. We had some foodies at our wedding, so wanted them to salivate!!!

4. Find the right marriage celebrant

Of course! The ceremony will start the vibe for the whole day, it is literally the party starter. It is the heart of the day. Get this right and your wedding day will fall into place. Our dear friend, and fellow celebrant Marney McQueen, who is fabulous, I was her celebrant too, was going to be doing the wedding. I believe in supporting my friends, even if we are secretly competition, but I knew Marney would be superb; however, sadly, 2 days before our wedding she got covid, but we managed to pull in another friend, who was actually a guest and a celebrant, Cecily Hardy, she was amazing, everyone loved her… and she wore a purple velour jumpsuit and cowboy boots, what is not to love with that!!!!

5. Find the right photographer

We went with our dear friend Phat Ngo Photography, who is also brilliant, he just understood our needs. We didn’t want walking off into the distance photos, looking whimsically at the ground (if this is your vibe that is so cool, just not ours) we wanted more documentary style photos and some family snaps. Our bloody kids wouldn’t stand still but he knew how to get them in a shot, without getting them in a shot, if you know what I mean.

6. Find the right music

As a performer I love live singing… we have a friend, who is a rock star, go see her at any opportunity, her name is Christa Hughes, my god she has some pipes!!!! This was the moment for me, her voice, song and outfit, had me all gooey in all the right ways! For our reception Muma Megs and her team were outstanding, what’s not to love about a live trumpet player!!! Muma Megs is a goddess on the mic and got everyone on the dance floor, even my 85 year old father!!!

7. Find the right co-ordinator

As a celebrant I love working with a wedding co-ordinator as they will keep your day running smoothly from start to finish, leaving you to get made up and just focus on looking fabulous!!! We went with a local company, Wedding Event Creator, they knew the venue and other suppliers.

They sent Elle on the day as the co-ordinator and she was exactly our vibe, relaxed, helpful, organised and I never ever heard her say ‘no’, she was positive and the day ran so smoothly, we loved her.

8. Find the right person to make you look amazing

Don’t be jealous, but my partners best friend can make wedding dresses, Robbie Geammal made us look and feel like goddesses, look at us!!! For Make-up; we pulled in our friend and amazing make up artist, Emma Jane Redmond. I don’t like to wear a lot of make up on my skin, I’m Tasmanian, its flawless, she listened and got the brief and nailed it.

9. Find the right decorator

We love flowers, but hate waste so we didn’t have a bouquet, but we got another bridesman and best friend to do the flowers and decorate the venue, Tim Ball, he was incredible.

10. Find the right videographers

Yes, it’s an extra expense but it’s just something we wanted. I have personally had so many couples say to me that they regret not recording their wedding day, especially the ceremony. You only do this once, with each other, you will not want to miss a thing.

11. Create your cake

Cake? Nah, not for us, we just had small finger sized, eat on the run, yummy deserts from Garnish.
Ok that should do, so now I am a wedding organising professional and whizz bang excellent celebrant, got any questions then hit me up.
Additional Credits
Videography by GCC Visuals // Jewellery by Mondial // Alcohol by Henry Clive // Party Hire by South Coast Party Hire.
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