Lucy Suze Celebrant

What is the role of the wedding MC? 

The role of MC is to keep everything rolling along, on time and to liaise with suppliers and other wedding vendors.  Someone with charisma, who is entertaining is essential. Don’t get your drunk Uncle to do it… please… When YOU are a guest at a wedding you can’t get tipsy or too loose if you have the role of MC.

Let that person off the hook and I’ll do it for you… I charge extra BUT you get extra…

The good thing is, your guests have met me already, as I’ll be your civil celebrant as well (see what I did there?!).

This means, I am also there if your wedding photographer needs help to wrangle family, friends, or grandmas (I love me some grandmas), to get them all in place for the wedding photos.

No one wants to hear a photographer yelling ad hoc at your beautiful crowd, again, I speak from experience!!!

And wedding photographers love a friendly helping vocal hand.

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Sydney Celebrant and MC being awesome and a fun celebrant making the guests laugh

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