Lucy Suze Celebrant

June 7, 2022

How to include kids & dogs in your wedding

As a mother of 2 kids and also a dog, and 2 rabbits, but I think we will leave them out of the ceremony for now. I love including kids and animals in the day, lets face it, kids are total winners when it comes to the cute factor, but also if it is a blended family then it is really lovely to include all them in the process and on the day.

If you have children, either your own, or kids in the family that you would like to include in the ceremony, then here are some ideas of how to do that.

  • Have the kids do a combined reading, this could be something they have chosen, I can also recommend or something they have written themselves.
  • You can choose to surprise gift the kids in the ceremony, similar to you both exchanging rings, but you give a gift to the kids. Ie; for one wedding the older son, a teenager was gifted a watch and the young daughter was gifted a beautiful necklace.
  • You could say vows to the kids, if you are a ‘step’ parent then perhaps saying some vows to your step children, or alternatively, maybe you already have kids together you could say some words to them.
  • The kids could do a performance, a song, a dance, a recital of some sort, this can happen when you are signing the paperwork.
  • The kids could lead a ritual, perhaps a *ring warming or ask questions to all of the guests, rather than the celebrant do that.
  • The kids could write some ‘surprise’ vows for their parents to read, either to them or to each other.
  • The kids could lead the ‘walk-in’ this is a more common way to include them, as they walk out they throw petals or shoot a bubble gun of some sort. A bubble guard at the end of the ceremony for the photos is also lovely.
  • Dogs: well of course if your dog is well behaved you could have the rings on the collar of your favorite furry friend.
  • You could have your vow cards delivered by your favorite furry friend.

The one thing to remember is that kids will do what they want during the ceremony, so be open to that, as sometimes it is easier to just go with the flow and let them feel comfortable. They may choose to read and then freak out on the day and you need to be ok with that. I remember once a bride had to breastfeed during her vows and we just went with it and that was ok.

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An absolute star - our day wouldn't have been the same without Lucy and we genuinely couldn't recommend her enough. Lucy guided Carla and I through each step of the process like an absolute pro, with great humour and loads of empathy. Nailed the delivery on the day and the guests are still commenting on how awesomeness that was the ceremony and Lucy.