Lucy Suze Celebrant



I have worked with a lot of different suppliers over the years and I cannot express this enough, get  THE BEST TEAM and your wedding will be sublime, a dream, seamless. Meet with people and if you like their ‘vibe’ guaranteed it will work. Make sure they understand what you and your partner want. Make sure they will turn up and give it 100%, sure we do this all the time, but it is only one day for you, make it the BEST day of your life.

Trust your gut…




One of the best Jewellers in Sydney, Australia for that fact. You don’t really have to look any further. Nadia Neuman at Mondial, Strand Arcade.


  • We just kept bumping into each other at ceremonies and so I have a lot of his wonderful photos on my site. Jack Chauvel is fantastic.
  • Mr Wigley Photography, he is very easy on the eye, oh yeah and a great photographer…
  • So many beautiful moments captured perfectly by Studio Something.
  • I recommend you have a look at this lovely fella… Chris Little
  • Liz Ham photography, a wonderful person and photographer (home page pic ‘Alyssa & Ace’)
  • Phat Ngo wedding photographer, we had Phat do our wedding photos and an all round excellent human
  • Scott Surplice photography, a lovely fella and great photographer
  • Jacob Hughes photography, (as seen on the homepage ‘Lucy & Ryan’  a central coast photographer and great guy)
  • Lion & Cub photography, a great gal who loves taking photos of you and your babies too.
  • Story of Life photography, lovely couple based on the North Shore (homepage pic of ‘Heidi & Andy’)
  • Hello Sweet Heart Tim and Mim are lovely and their photos speak for themselves.


  • Charlie Villas is your person. Groovy, funky and will make your guests shake their booty.
  • This lovely lady will get you up on your feet and falling in love all over again, DJ sveta
  • Groove Academy are total party excellence.
  • Muma Megs; we had her for our wedding and I have never seen the whole wedding storm the stage, this woman is a goddess on the mic… get ready to have the best night of your life!
  • XYDJ – these guys are awesome