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Lucy Suze Celebrant

Lucy Suze Celebrant

A wordsmith and a lover of your stories; I am a Sydney based celebrant and MC creating happy vibes and cherished memories across Australia.

Who’s the Best Celebrant in Sydney?

Best Celebrant Sydney 2022 Award - Lucy Suze Celebrant

Apparently, it’s me – woohoo! 🙌

What a thrill to open my email and see I’ve been awarded as the Best Celebrant in Sydney… I am not sure how this happened but it is really nice to be acknowledged for my work, also for an award that I didn’t pay to get or join in anyway, just an absolute treat… I thought I should really accept it like an oscar, I will probs never win an oscar… so here goes..

I want to thank all the people involved in this, I would be lieing if I said I didn’t like the thanks or the thrill of making peoples days one of the best of their lives. My friends, couples and wife know how hard I work to make their day the best it can be… everyone deserves to have as good a day as I had at my own wedding. I would be lying if I said it isn’t lovely when family, photographers, vendors who I love and workers at the venue come up and gush over my ceremonies…

I would like to thank those ‘mystery couples’ who were clearly spoken to, I would like to thank my lovely wife @mondialbynadia and all the jewels and clothes she lends me so i look fab, also not one ceremony goes by that isn’t read to her first, she laughs, cries and doesn’t even know the couples!

I had a great mentor session with @celebrantsallyhughes in Melbs in 2021, she inspired me… and all the other celebrants i have met, there are some lovely, amazing ones out there, ones that when I am not available I can pass a couple on to and know that they will look after them the way I do, and when they can’t do a wedding they flip me some bizz… you know who you are…

MOSTLY all the amazing, generous, funny, complicated, loving, open couples I get to marry… every time I meet a new couple I always tell the wife, “they are the nicest people” which is a bit of a joke as she says I say that about all the people I meet.. but its true..

lastly, my kids… my dog,… rabbits, ok ok you get the message… take it down a notch sister!!!
The love vibes are next level… ❤️❤️

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