Lucy Suze Celebrant

August 11, 2021

Here are some things to think about before we meet


  • Will you use recorded or live music to walk down the aisle, during the signing and at the end of the ceremony.
  • Will you walk down the aisle or will you be there to greet guests?
  • I would say around 3 songs, walk in song, signing song and finale song.

Wet weather contingency plan

Don’t be disheartened; weddings in the rain are so romantic… I did one yesterday in the mud!!!! It was exhilarating.

Walk in/entrance: who will you walk in with???

Parent’s acknowledgement

In the introduction would you like to acknowledge and thank both your parents?

Stories to incorporate in the ceremony

We will get the good bits at our first meeting

Readings/poetry/raps/beat poetry: please no beat poetry…

If you don’t want them, that is okay, if you need help, that’s my job… I have many examples to help you with and love helping where I can.

Will you be exchanging rings?

By the way I have an engagement bracelet rather than ring so you know, you can do anything you want. Once some beautiful fellas I married exchanged watches!!! Why not? No one says you have to exchange rings!


We can discuss ideas at the first meeting. Vows are the heart of the ceremony and it is much better written by you, but I can help where needed, I have some documents I can send you and only you as they are top secret!!!


  • You will need 2 witnesses over 18 years to sign documents and I will need their full names at some point during the writing of the ceremony.
  • If we do a legals only, I can find 2 witnesses for you or we can ask the waiter at the café!!! ( we have seriously done this)

Introduce at the end of the ceremony

When you have signed documents and we return to send you out into your guests, how do you want to be introduced. Partners, lovers, husband, wife, free thinkers, wives for lives, husbaneiros.

Do you require me to speak a different language at certain points!!!

If you are latino please say yes!!!!!

What things have you seen in weddings that you love/hate

Traditional elements/contemporary elements

Are there any familial traditions or rituals you would like to uphold

So I have been involved in all sorts of rituals, the breaking of the glass, Stefana, 7 step journey, pagan… (insert I am not a cult leader)