Lucy Suze Celebrant

Hello! I'm Lucy

Great work.  You are getting married!!!!

You may be thinking hmmmm she looks different in her photos, that is because yes, I have cut all my hair off and gone pink!

Wondering if I will dye it a crazy colour for your wedding?! Keep dreaming lovers… nice try! (call me, maybe I will)

I am a wordsmith, a lover of stories and the good stuff.  I will create the most unique and personable ceremony for your momentous day.

The ceremony is the most important part of the day.  A brilliant ceremony will set the vibe and tone for the whole day. Most couples say that the ceremony was their favourite bit. The day begins as soon as your guests arrive at the venue, then the ceremony kicks off with a bang, then your wedding, marriage and life begins.

I will be there to guide you, help you and give you as much advice as you need.  I can help with materials, vows, readings, whatever you need to make the day an absolute blast.

I have been doing this and loving it since 2012. My background as a performer not only gives me the skills to write a magical ceremony for you, but also to find the balance between the laughs, the feels and the love.

I will get to know YOU both.  Your guests will think we have been friends for years.

‘I got you’, so you can relax and concentrate on looking fabulous!! (I use exclamation marks because, it is a CELEBRATION after all)

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The role of the MC is really to keep everything rolling along, on time and to liaise with suppliers.  Someone with charisma, who is entertaining is essential. Don’t get your drunk Uncle to do it… please… When you’re a guest at the wedding you can’t get drunk and loose if you have the role of MC. Let that person off the hook and I’ll do it for you… I charge extra BUT you get extra…

The good thing is, your guests have met me already, as I’ll be your celebrant as well (see what I did there?!).

This means, I am also there if your photographer needs help to wrangle family, friends, or grandmas (I love me some grandmas), to get them all in place for the photos.

No one wants to hear a photographer yelling ad hoc at your beautiful crowd, again, I speak from experience!!!

And photographers love a friendly helping vocal hand.