Your wedding day is one magical moment in your story together, but it is important to make it memorable, to reflect who you are as a couple. Here are some words that people have said about our involvement together, it is so lovely that my couples take the time to send me, not only photos, but beautiful feedback. This will help you get an idea of my vibe...

" We were super chuffed to have Lucy Suze as our celebrant. All our guests fell in love with her wit and charm as they hung onto her every word and we felt like the luckiest people in the world"

Claire & Nic

" Words can't describe how grateful we are that we had you to marry us. You were so warm and patient and understanding and you made our celebration that much more special. Thank you thank you xx"

Kate & Michael

" Lucy Suze Taylor, it was the MOST incredible day. You were so perfect and delivered it so beautifully and added in perfect one liners that everyone loved. We couldn’t have been happier. thank you!!!"

Sophie & Dave

“From the moment we met Lucy, we knew we would have a special ceremony. We got along with her immediately and she is a delight to plan a wedding with. Lucy listened to our story and made the ceremony about us. All of our friends loved it and what Lucy added to our day.”

Jacki & Brad

“You are the mistress of the mic. Our guests were blown away by how fantastic the ceremony was, everyone said we nailed it! You really guided us through the process to help us own it and make the whole celebration so fun, meaningful, loving and light, just like we wanted. Thankyou thank you thank you ”

Dan & Dave

“Lucy is FANTASTIC with your guests, hitting just the right balance of humour and solemnity, while simultaneously putting you and your bride or groom-to-be at ease so that absolutely everyone enjoys the day. In short, I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough. ”

Trevor & Stuart

“You were the best celebrant we could have ever imagined. Lucy you were just perfect - funny, charming and also very respectful and sincere. When can we get married again??”

Marney & Frank

“Lucy's service truly reflected who Jamie and I are and included not only our thoughts and feelings about life and love, but also our humour. It was the most special and memorable part of our day. Everyone commented on how wonderful and "us" the ceremony was. We will treasure the memory of it forever. ”

Danielle & Jamie

“Delighted by her understanding of us and the beauty and simplicity of the ceremony that she designed. Lucy orchestrated a warm, friendly and inclusive celebration, which sucessfully transcended the horrible weather and has left us all with only wonderful memories ”

Katie & Nick

“Lucy simply made our wedding the most memorable, enjoyable and wonderful day any couple could ask for. Most importantly, she helped us create the day that we wanted – individual, inclusive and reflective of our relationship and our unique love. ”

Emma & Alex

“You allowed us to make the ceremony so perfectly personalised; and with your words, your beautiful self leading it along with intuition, humour, eloquence and grace, we couldn't have asked for anything more lovely.”

Bek & James

“Lucy is an absolutely wonderful celebrant. We could not have asked for anyone better. She was warm, thoughtful and moving - and upon meeting her, we found her to be just that and more - personable, perceptive and open minded. It felt like we had known her for years.”

Cate & Stu

“We felt as if we were long lost friends with Lucy. Her calming manner, mixed with a sense of humour and professional attitude to boot, made us feel confident we had found the right gal. She was even happy to jig it up the aisle for us. She listens and she is genuine.”


About Me

I’m Lucy, I am a celebrant. I live in the inner west of Sydney. I love weddings and ceremonies. Same sex couples, straight couples, whatever the only difference is the legal paperwork. I am excited about making your wedding day amazing for you, your partner and your guests. The ceremony is yours: we can make it as colourful, kooky, sincere and downright delicious as you like. I am based in Petersham, Inner West Sydney. Am I a hipster?! No, but I do love adidas!! I will travel all over Australia to conduct a wedding ceremony. I am also an MC, Master of Ceremonies, I have MC’ed a number of weddings and functions. Some people just want their guests to relax and as they already know me from the wedding, it is a perfect fit. I am a performer and voice over artist, so my background really helps to facilitate and engage your guests the entire time. I also have a few characters in the closet, so if you are looking for something 'different' then let me know.

Your ceremony will be guided by you, it will be unique and tailored specifically for you. I look forward to making this THE most memorable day of your lives.


I am a celebrant. Master of Ceremonies and voice over artist. Who can confidently promise that your wedding day, ceremony and reception will be one of the best days of your life. Naming Days are also a great way to introduce your little person to their community.

Master of Ceremonies. MC

" Lucy Suze is more than just a marriage celebrant. She is a storyteller and confidant. She is the very best celebrant and MC to have by your side through a wedding ceremony, reception and adventure and I can't recommend her highly enough."

Alyssa Mcclelland

Wedding Ceremony

" Choosing Lucy as our celebrant was the easiest and greatest thing we did for our wedding day. She’s such a spunk, so much fun and was the perfect celebrant for us!!"

Meagan & Anthony

Baby Naming Day

" Dear Lucy– thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job with our ceremony, it was so personal and beautiful.. We have a lasting memory of a wonderful day shared with our family and close friends. We couldn't have asked for anything more. "

Dean & Phillip

Planning your wedding

There are some important steps that we will take to plan your perfect ceremony. Yeah some legal stuff... and paperwork.. don't worry I do all of that boring stuff, you just have to worry about looking fabulous on the day...

STEP 1: Get to know each other… ‘meet n greet’

I'll organise a time when we can get together for a coffee or cup of tea and get to know each other and see if the vibe is right...  once you have decided its a go ahead we will organise a longer meeting...

STEP 2: Organise a longer meeting at a date which is convenient

This usually involves a couple of hours, if you are not too far away, I can come to your house. If you are in another state we can use Skype or face time. At this meeting I will ask you lots of questions and take some notes, to get to know you both as a couple, and we will make decisions about what you want or don't want in the ceremony. Don't worry if you don't have any ideas as I will come armed with many... or not, depending on what you want... At this meeting we will also sign the NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage) and I will discuss the legal wording with you too...

STEP 3: I will send you some questions over email

I will send you some questions over email, this is so YOU are informing that content of the ceremony and I am not 'making it up' or using language that neither of you like or use... When I get your responses then I can start writing the ceremony draft.

STEP 4: I will send you the final draft and we will organise a rehearsal

I will send you the final draft ceremony over email and you can edit as you see fit... I will capture the essence of who you are as a couple... The only thing you need to write are the vows... and then I will send you a final draft ceremony to sign off on over email. We will also organise a rehearsal, preferably at the ceremony venue prior to the wedding day. If we cannot meet at the venue then we can organise to meet somewhere else.


Perhaps you have no idea what to do, hopefully these will answer some of your questions, but really the best way to find stuff out is to get in touch with me and I can answer them personally. I look forward to hearing from you.

Will you organise all the paperwork?

Yes I will organise all the paperwork prior to the ceremony. There is one form we need to fill out at least 31 days prior to the ceremony day and that is the NOIM (notice of intended marriage) marriage forms On the day we need to sign the declaration of marriage (form 14 and 16)  and also my celebrant registrar book and the Marriage certificate that i give you on the day.

Do I provide my own PA system for the ceremony?

I will bring my own battery operated PA system, you can play music through the system on ipod or iphone... it is better for you to ask someone to operate the music on the day... I'll be there 20 minutes prior to ceremony to make it happen... I also have a signing table with a lovely white cloth if you need it too...

My partner is overseas how can we organise a wedding in Australia?

The first thing that needs to be done is to submit a Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NoIM). This can be completed a few different ways, given that your Fiancé is Overseas. 1.) You can complete the form and submit it to me, with your Fiancé(e) signing the form when he/she arrives in Australia – he/she can sign the form anytime BEFORE the marriage ceremony takes place. 2.) You can have your Fiancé(e) complete the form (his/her signature must be witnessed by – an Australian Diplomatic Officer, an Australian Consular Officer, an employee of the Commonwealth authorized under paragraph 3 (c) of the Consular Fees Act 1955, an employee of the Australian Trade, Commission authorized under paragraph 3 (d) of the Consular Fees Act 1955 or a notary public). Your Fiancé(e) can send you the form with his/her signature witnessed by any of the above and we can finalise your section of the paperwork together. You can then submit it to me. Prior to the Marriage Ceremony I will need to see your ORIGINAL Birth Certificate or passport and also your Fiancé(e)s Passport and/or Birth Certificate too. If you don’t have these available now, that is OK, provided I see them before the wedding takes place. It is always best to seek professional legal advice, relevant to your individual immigration situation.

What identification do you need to see?

I just need to sight your original passport or birth certificate and if you are divorced I need to sight the most recent divorce papers, with the date the divorce is legal. Also if you have current drivers license that would be great too.

Should we have a rehearsal before the ceremony?

I highly recommend a rehearsal, you will be so nervous and full of emotions on the day, it will run smoother if you know physically what you are doing. Also if you have family and friends from overseas or interstate a rehearsal really starts the whole wedding festival vibe.